Trekking Equipments

Proper equipment is real extremely important to the success, comfort and safety of your trip. If your have any question about items on the list or suitability of your own equipment please contact or a reputable mountaineering dealers.

Our recommended clothing has four classes: 
Manages moisture and wicks perspiration from your skin,” for the base layers.
Should be a durable, comfortable, insulating and wind/water stopper that breather able, soft fabrics are polarity wind, Gore wind stopper.
Windproof, waterproof and breathable like Gore-tax or similar (hard layers)
Insulating material should be down fill or synthetic-fill and fit cover all layers like, down, prim aloft and polar guard. 

For sleeping:
Sleeping bag and stuff sac, on the mountain temperature can get down to zero degrees Fahrenheit at night, so bring a warm bag.Sleeping pad, a closed cell form camping mattress is OK; an inflatable Thermo-Rest is more comfortable.

For the head and face:
Pile or a wool hat-Bring one that covers ears, a balaclava
Shade hat-Are essential for protection from the equatorial sun.
Sunglasses-Bring a good quality pair
Sunscreen-Bring plenty of complete sun block.
Lip Balm

For the upper body: 
T-shirts-Synthetics are the best.
Upper body layers-long underwear, a sweater and a pile jacket or heavy a wool shirt.
Rain gear-Bring a good of Gore-tax or waterproof clothes.
Wind stopper (optional you can use rain gear) 
Mittens (Wool or pile)

For the legs:
Quick dry hiking short.
Long underwear bottoms
Rain paint and wind paint as well.
Undergarment (enough for duration of the trek) 

for the feet: 
Thin socks-Three pair of synthetic socks.
Thick socks-Six pair of heavy wool socks.
Hiking boot (one pair medium weight) 
Gaiters-To keep dirt, Cree and snow out of your boots.
Tennis shoes (to wear in the camp after a day of hiking) 

For the drinking: 
Water bottles-Three wide mouthed bottle with a one camel bank (optional)
Water treatment-Bring a water treatment we’ll filtrate the water before you use.
Water flavoring (optional)

clothing must be avoided, because its dries very slowly, choose wool or synthetic fabrics that wicks the sweat and moisture from your skin.
Porters will carry 30 pound of your personal gear no more, you will see each entry gate they will weigh a luggage for the minimum of 40 pound of each porter. If you wish to have an extra porter we are happy to accommodate you, please email us to speak. For more information of the equipment please email us to answering your questions.

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